The artists I admire deeply, for their ability to change the way we think, vary, from the great Willem de Kooning, with his aggressive brushwork and strategically placed high-key colors, to Vincent Willem van Gogh, a troubled soul whose genius gave us an insight into his emotional content. The range of artists I admire are limitless. From the works of John Constable, creating a view of England, seeking the truth second hand, to Salvador Dali and the surreal landscapes he created which stir the imagination of both bankers and shoemakers alike.
Although these great artists inspire me, I would like to think I paint a unique view of a modern age. A slightly hard and bold view of what lies dormant in our subconscious. As we grow older, both physically and emotionally, our influences change, too...
As I have grown as an artist, I often looked at work from other artists, trying to understand the reason for their creative process, perhaps to understand my own work, and why I need to create. My problem is letting go. I find it difficult to let go of emotions for fear of not being understood, I often struggle with letting go of my artwork, and this shows in who I allow to own my work. Private collectors own most of my pieces, both working class folks, and people with more artistic or entrepreneurial backgrounds. I would prefer people who understand my work own it, rather than those who just admire the aesthetic appearance. I am sure many artists would agree with this.

I have been exhibiting for over 22 years, and have shown in various British galleries including The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA), The New Art Gallery Walsall (currently holding a Damien Hurst retrospective), Prize Exhibitions at various London Galleries including the Mall Galleries SW1Y, and have been involved with projects in Vienna, Austria, as well as other European Art Projects. I feel fortunate to have had my work appreciated and respected around the world.
I hope you enjoy my work. Please contact me with any questions.

Shaun Edwards